Supplementary Notice for Travellers Fully Inoculated with Covid-19 Vaccines
2022-01-04 16:06

In order to prevent the further spread of Covid-19 and protect the health and safety of travellers from Finland to China, starting from 10th January 2022, people fully inoculated with covid-19 vaccines who are travelling from Finland to China need to take two PCR tests instead of the previously required one PCR test and one IgM test. 

The detailed instructions are as follows:

Ⅰ. For travellers who are fully inoculated with  covid-19 vaccines,  two PCR tests are required instead of one PCR test and one IgM test.

Ⅱ. Both PCR tests must be done in designated institutions. They can be taken in two institutions separately or the same one. If the two PCR tests are taken in the same one, the two samples must be collected more than 24 hours apart.

Ⅲ. With the enforcement of this Supplementary Notice, travellers who are fully inoculated with covid-19 vaccines must, when applying for the HDC green code, upload two PCR test reports as well as their proof of vaccination.

Ⅳ. Travellers fully inoculated with covid-19 vaccines refer to the people who have received all the necessary doses with required time intervals. For example, full vaccination of two-doses requires for the second dose at least 14 days after the first one. If the time interval is less than 14 days, the receiver is regarded as not fully vaccinated.

Ⅴ. The policy of applying for health code for those who have not been vaccinated or not fully vaccinated or transit passengers remains unchanged according to the Notice Regarding the "Health Code" or "Health Declaration QR-Code" For Passengers Flying to China Updated (All Requirements) published on September 6, 2021.

Ⅵ. Designated Institutions

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