Notice Regarding Adjustments in Testing Requirements for Travellers From Finland For China
2022-06-29 22:53

From June 30, 2022, in accordance with developments in the epidemiological circumstances, the Embassy of China in Finland adjusts the testing requirements for those travelling from Finland to China in the following manner:

1. Testing Requirements

All travellers, Chinese and foreign nationals alike, who depart from, or transit via Finland are to undergo two PCR nucleic acid tests within 48 hours of departure (these tests may be done at two different institutions on the same day; or they may be done by the same institution with a minimum period of 24 hours between each test). The sample for the second PCR test is to be taken within 24 hours of departure. The requirement for an additional antigen test before 12 hours of boarding is no longer in force.

2. Testing Institutions

The Embassy of China in Finland no longer designates specific testing providers. PCR nucleic acid test certificates issued by legally operating testing institutions (hospitals or laboratories) registered with the Finnish Ministry of Health are accepted. The test report should contain personal information of tested individual, sampling/testing time, the specifics of the test itself, the test result, as well as a hospital/clinic stamp or doctor’s signature.

3. Adjustments in the route of travel to China.

Travellers bound for China can choose to fly directly to China or transfer via another country. HDC-QR “Green code” applicants are to conduct tests at their place of origin, and the place of transit, and apply for “Green codes” from the respective Embassies of China in each location.

4. For travellers originating from China travelling abroad for a limited period of time, if the itinerary includes multiple countries, the country of departure for the direct flight to China shall be considered the point of origin. Therefore, they are to undergo testing according to the requirements of ordinary travellers departing from the given country.

5. Travellers with a history of COVID-19 infection who have recovered for over 14 days shall be tested as ordinary individuals without a history of infection. Recovery less than 14 days need to make up to 14 days before travel . Proof of recovery: 2 negative PCR nucleic acid tests with an interval of over 24 hours, and no abnormality in self-health monitoring within a 14 day period.

Those travelling to China are advised to monitor their health, and to consider personal protection before boarding and travel, as to avoid being obstructed from boarding or being stranded at points of transit due to COVID-19 infection.

6. For those who have been in close contact with COVID-19 positive persons, with suspected symptoms, or with “indeterminate” or “unclear” PCR nucleic acid test results, please undergo a 5-day period of self-health monitoring. If no health abnormalities arise during this period, eligibility to apply for a HDC-QR code in accordance with the standard practices is restored; after the period of health monitoring has concluded.

Where there may be inconsistencies with relevant requirements in previous notices, the requirements set forth in this notice shall prevail.

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